Sunday, October 26, 2008

Second Grade's Yarn Art

Second graders traced a large leaf stencil, then carefully glued yarn of various Fall leaf colors around the edges of the leaf until the entire paper was covered. The cutting and gluing was very tedious on this project and seemed to be great practice!
Bailey's leaf
Danny's leaf
DeShandra's leaf
Madison's leaf

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Names Are Coming...

A few of you have requested that I put names with the artwork pictures...I will do that with the ones I post from now on...I haven't done it because I wanted the website to be more about viewing the artwork and not place emphasis on who did the work. I know that sort of sounds backwards, but I think that some people would worry too much about the whose artwork they are viewing more than WHAT they are viewing. I certainly don't want it to become competitive at all. I hope that when I include names, the site will maintain its integrity and that everyone will know that I just choose the artwork that goes on here based on how well it shows what we're working on, not because I favor one person over another. I don't even look at the back of the artwork for a name until after I've chosen a few to photograph. All of the students have amazing skills in different areas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2008 Fair Booth

Our 2008 Fair booth looked awesome decorated with student artwork. I didn't get a chance to tell the students which artwork was going to be in the fair booth because I didn't know how much we'd have room for and the fair was over our Fall break. But, it looked so great and each student that had something on display received a ribbon. We received A TON of First place ribbons! WOO HOO! In the next few days, I will try to get all the ribbons passed out and take a picture of each child with their ribbon and their artwork. I'm so proud of how beautiful their artwork looked! They really work hard.
Our new banner with our new school's name, was a hit as well!
Fairbooth Banner
Fairbooth wall
Fairbooth wall 2

Fourth Grade Scarecrows

Fourth graders drew scarecrows that appear close up to us because of how large they are on the paper. After they finished drawing the scarecrows, they colored them with crayons and painted a watercolor wash over the picture for the sky. They are turning out so cute!
Scarecrow 1
Scarecrow 3
Here are some that aren't finished, but are looking excellent so far!
Unfinished Scarecrow 3
Unfinished scarecrow 2
Unfinished Scarecrow 1
Scarecrow 2

Second Grade Fall Leaves

Second graders and I discussed warm and cool colors, then they traced our large and small leaf stencils to create the look of falling leaves on their paper. After tracing the leaves, they used crayon to draw in the veins of the leaves and outline them as well. After that, they carefully blended red, yellow, and orange (the warm colors) in the leaves then used blue (a cool color) for the sky. They did a great job of blending and being careful to create nice, neat artwork for Fall.
Fall Leaves 2
Fall Leaves 3
Fall Leaves 4
Fall Leaves 1

First Grade Cylinders

We're still discussing shapes and making various things using geometric shapes for first grade projects. This week some first graders are drawing and cutting out shapes to form a robot and others are making cylinders. Here are two of their cylinders.

Kindergarten Pumpkins In A Wagon

We're only into our second day back to school from Fall Break and we're busting out with awesome projects already! :)
Kindergartners are working on pumpkins in a wagon. I gave them a red rectangle and a white paper, and they did the rest. Before going to their tables, we discussed how to make the pumpkin look more realistic by blending a little yellow with the orange to make light areas--then they went and glued their rectangle wagons down, drew and colored their awesome pumpkins.
Pumpkin In A Wagon 2

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fifth Grade's Number Five Art

Fifth grade students learned about artist Charles Demuth and his painting "Figure Five In Gold." They learned that the painting is an abstract representation of a old fire engine with a big gold five. They created a number five artwork to represent their fifth grade year and around their number five they drew objects that represent who they are and what they like.
It's always a fun project to get to know everyone a little better!