Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Names Are Coming...

A few of you have requested that I put names with the artwork pictures...I will do that with the ones I post from now on...I haven't done it because I wanted the website to be more about viewing the artwork and not place emphasis on who did the work. I know that sort of sounds backwards, but I think that some people would worry too much about the whose artwork they are viewing more than WHAT they are viewing. I certainly don't want it to become competitive at all. I hope that when I include names, the site will maintain its integrity and that everyone will know that I just choose the artwork that goes on here based on how well it shows what we're working on, not because I favor one person over another. I don't even look at the back of the artwork for a name until after I've chosen a few to photograph. All of the students have amazing skills in different areas.

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